Before I was a mom I was a person with dreams and aspirations. I am still that person. Here is where that side of me has the freedom to write about whatever she wants.. funny enough it is usually about being a mom and my kids ♥



Tis the Season.. to Keep Your Sanity

fullsizeoutput_111It’s mid November and my tree is up, holiday cards are in print, and the first batch of gingerbread cookies are being thrown in! I’m kidding.. kind of? I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I always have, our family has a million of traditions, and as tiring as this season is I enjoy every minute of it. Preparing for the holiday brings me a lot of joy, but it wasn’t always like this more..





Tween & Young Teen Birthday Ideas

6nxn6UXHS8GXaVleLYHHCwMy party decor loving heart is breaking, because alas my older two kids are getting to the age where it’s not “cool” to throw a big celebration for their birthday. So I’ve tossed aside invitations, themes, and extravagant DIY projects to come up with a few age appropriate non-party ideas. While some of these activities aren’t grand affairs, more..





Our Halloween Traditions

IMG_7040If Christmas gets an Advent Calendar, in all fairness Halloween should have one of its own, because the countdown is just as real in our home. At this very moment, on a ninety degree September day in Northern California, I am fully prepared for the October madness; the inside of my home is decorated, costumes have been purchased, candy is tucked away, and knick knacks more..




Less Coffee, More Sleep

fullsizeoutput_e4I am a morning person to the tenth degree, and I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. My freshman year of high school I signed up for extra classes (the goal was to fulfill my credits faster so that I had a light load senior year), and that meant starting school at 7am, which in turn meant that I had to wake up at 530am more..





Mothering A Vegan

fullsizeoutput_e0Oh Motherhood..  how you love to throw me curveballs. Whenever I feel like I have the basics down (support, encourage, guide.. got it) LIFE reminds me that I have so much more to learn, and I am humbled. I’m starting to come to terms with the reality that my little babies are growing up, their life choices more..





My Perfect Mother’s Day

pexels-photo-54283.jpegWhen you’re a mom, holidays become another day to shower your family with selfless acts of love; you prep the costumes for Halloween, a buffet of food for Thanksgiving, and presents for Christmas. Mother’s Day, however, is OUR time. It is the one day a year that our family can express their love more..




My Weight Loss Journey

pexels-photo-601177.jpegThere comes a point in your life when you say “enough is enough.” After my fourth child was born I was dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety, and discomfort in everything I wore. That was my point, my enough, and I began my fitness journey. While I am more..





Mom Friends

pexels-photo-942418.jpegMom friends, how many of us have them? Surprisingly, not a lot! I find it bizarre that we encourage our children to make friends, and we invest time and effort into nurturing their social development, but we don’t do the same for ourselves. We can blame the disconnect on social media, more..




Blog Launch Party

IMG_2020Last weekend I celebrated the launch of my blog with close family and friends. It was a gorgeous day in Northern California, a nice surprise since the forecast called for rain! This was supposed to be a “simple lunch,” but obviously I lack self control when it comes to decor.. oops? As promised, here are some pictures, enjoy! more..




Yes, I Coupon Too

gift-brown-shopping-market.jpgMaybe it’s time to address the elephant in the room.. yes, it’s true, I coupon too. I knew I would have to mention the fact eventually, but figured that since most of you follow me on Instagram, it didn’t need to be said? I figured wrong! more..





22 Days without Coffee

pexels-photo-266755.jpegI don’t think people truly understand how much I love coffee. They laugh and call me an addict, but that’s such an inaccurate label that I’m genuinely offended when called it. Let’s be clear.. addicts have a problem.. I am in a committed, loving, life long relationship with caffeine and we have no problems. Got it? Good. Moving on.. more..




Why I’m Not #MomGoals

     person-woman-apple-hotel.jpgImagine standing on stage in a room full of twenty five thousand people. In the audience are ten super fans hanging on your every word, some college students forced to be in attendance for classroom credits, and an overworked dad snoring in the back row as he waits to give his daughter and her friends a ride home the minute you’re done.  more..