Fall’n for My Kitchen + DIY Cotton Wreath

fullsizeoutput_f4It’s been real Summer, but I’m ready for Fall and all things pumpkin! I patiently waited for September to roll around until I brought out my decor and it looks like most retailers had the same idea, so it was easy to pick up a few odds and ends (I didn’t need much). This year I wanted to stay away from smiling pumpkins and anything spooky more..




My 35th Fiesta

xipRFEflRRiLVPXL63kCZgBack in April, I practically begged my son to let me throw him a birthday party inspired by the Disney movie Coco. Initially he agreed and I started dreaming up the colorful decor I was going to put together. Then the movie Avengers: Infinity War released and my dreams were crushed by requests for super heroes and all things that can be demolished more..



DIY Diaper Cake

There are many ways to make a diaper cake, but as someone who has received AND gifted many, the following method is my favorite. Why am I not a fan of the individual rolled method? They’re a pain to take apart, and I can’t tell you how many mom-to-be’s have text me after their baby more..





Graduation Leis

accomplishment ceremony education graduation

Every year I am asked to create leis for family and friends that are graduating. From PreK promotion to college, it’s been fun creating each and every one. It wasn’t easy at first, and there were some years that I declined orders (it can get crazy), but with a little practice more..





DIY Dreamcatcher

pexels-photo-357501.jpegMy girls are on a month long break from their year-round school and I promised them we’d attack some of their crafting “wants.” First on the list was a dreamcatcher.. or two.. for their room. Supplies cost $5 each, which wasn’t too bad considering the kits I saw in store were $9. No sewing, no measuring, more..




Summer Learning Kits

pexels-photo-265076.jpeg“Summer slide,” is the term used for the loss of academic progress students suffer during summer break due to inactivity. To prevent the summer slide there are day camps, tutoring centers, and enrichment programs available for you to enroll your child in, more..





A MARVELous Birthday

pexels-photo-346796.jpegJust like that, the April birthday madness is over, but believe that I went out with a BANG! The baby of the family turned five and he simply requested a Marvel cake. He’s too young to know that “Mama don’t do simple,” and cake turned into a full spread. What’s funnier is that we weren’t expecting guests, more..




Classroom Snack Bags

IMG_3030My birthday is during the month of July, so growing up I was envious of my friends whose parents brought in cupcakes, balloons, and other things on their special day. As a result, “school birthdays” have become a thing in our house; if your birthday doesn’t fall on a day that school is in session, more..





Discount Easter Baskets

pexels-photo-372173.jpegGrowing up, I remember Easter as being a time I wore a pretty white dress and hunted for boiled eggs. While I understood the religious importance of the holiday, I never quite got where hunting eggs and bunnies fit into the mix. So when I got older and saw my mom friends gifting their children these extravagant baskets, more..




St. Patrick’s Day Fun

pexels-photo-325526.jpegI have no idea why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe I got pinched for not wearing green when I was younger and somewhere in my subconscious I vowed to forever take the holiday seriously. Regardless of the reason, every year I make sure that my children have something green for school, more..





DIY Wreath for $10

pexels-photo-529927.jpegSpring wreaths have been giving me all the feels lately! But there was no way I was going to spend $30-$40 on one.. so with a little bit of thought, and a whole lot of super glue, I put together my own! more..




Frugal Party Planning

pexels-photo-851204.jpegSocial Media killed.. no, slaughtered.. the days of simple birthday parties with cake, ice cream, and pin the tail on the donkey. Now there are intricate themes that require hours of DIY crafting in order to achieve a Pinterest worthy display for your guests. An event’s expenses can easily add up when you figure in decor, food, entertainment more..