Pantry Upgrade

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Surprise? If you haven’t been keeping up with me on Instagram, a lot has happened in the past year! We sold our first home and moved into a larger two story house, not too far from our old one in Sacramento. There’s been a lot of elbow grease thrown around to make this home our own, but it’s coming along nicely. If you know me, you know I had to put my personal touch on the kitchen first. I’ll share more progress photos in a future post, but for now let’s celebrate the pantry being completed!


Mo Pantry, Mo Problems

Intimidating much? This space is twice the size of my previous pantry and it has a glass door.. perfect for tiny fingerprints and dog drool to create abstract art every day. After taking a deep breath I simply referred back to my pantry organizing basics to tackle this project. On top of those tips I knew I had three other goals;

  1. Don’t Hoard – I think it’s easy (and normal) to see more space and just get more stuff to fill it, but I wanted to keep in mind what my family eats, how much of it, and how fast things expire.
  2. Condense OTHER Cabinets – One way to fill up the space was to bring in other “similar” kitchen items. I looked for inspiration on Pinterest and loved that others kept their spices and appliances in their pantries. Bonus points that all my appliances match! Talk about aesthetics..
  3. Set a Budget – It’s always going to be about looking nice on a budget for me. While most of the items were from my previous pantry (see shoppable links here),  I did add a spice shelf and lazy Susan from WalMart and my overhead bins are from Target.




Where is your sign from?

Hobby Lobby! Click here and don’t forget to slip the 40% coupon on their site that you can also use in store

What are in the top bins?

All the unpretty things! If you’re a Costco/bulk shopper, you know you need some storage space and those bins hide the extra items perfectly.

How many times do you have to clean the glass door?

I don’t, I match the fingerprints to the child and THAT child cleans the door.


I always say “I love how this project came out,” but honestly I do. I can’t help it, organization makes this mama happy and feeling like there’s a little control in this chaotic house. Want to see more projects? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and watch my stories!