Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Pt 3



This may be my favorite series of the blog thus far! Something about throwing a bunch of unused stuff away in order to create a pretty space just gives me all the feels. This time around I tackled a cabinet that has served as our medicine/vitamin/supplement storage. My goal for this space was simple; get rid of the bulky protein tubs, be able to access daily vitamins easily, and gather all of our water bottles/protein shakers to one area.

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The Purge




Needless to say, there was a lot of shuffling going on in this cabinet in order to get to the items we needed. More times than not we would get frustrated looking for something, give up, and buy a duplicate (I found three bottles of fish oil, yay). There was also a lot of empty boxes of medicine, and thanks for a mistagged sale at Walgreens, an insane amount of coughdrops.. what can I say, extreme couponer habits die hard.

The Purchases




Tip: Measure your cabinets before buying containers. You can avoid overspending and multiple trips to the store if you do this.

Truth: I do not follow my own tip (hahahaha) and I ended up not using a lot of what is pictured above.

Lazy Susan – Was too wide for my cabinet depth and I ended up using a two tiered tray that I already had on hand. I will be purchasing this from Bed Bath & Beyond because I would like the rotating function.

Protein Containers – Look familiar? They’re the same containers I use for cereal in our pantry! They fit a 2 lb tub perfectly and I attached the nutritional value to the bottom of the container for easy reference. If you’re entering food on any app, don’t forget to stick the product’s bar code on there also! Grab these container at WalMart for only $2.97 ea

Bins – All were purchased from the 99 Cents Only Store during their 50% off Home Decor Sale but you can definitely find dups at your local dollar store. The small black bins worked great, the large black? Notsomuch. They didn’t fit and they didn’t stack. I’m not sure why I even bought those. I think I meant to lay them side by side, but they were too long for my cabinets that way as well.

The Result




First Shelf – Our daily vitamins, seasonal allergy medicines (we’re in the thick of it right now), and protein

Second Shelf – Water bottles, protein shakers, and plastic bags for meal prep/lunch boxes. I also added a container for protein cookies and snacks, high enough where the kids can’t reach.. because no cookie is safe frorm them, regardless of it’s high protein content.

Third Shelf – All the medicine that is not accessed regularly, safe from little hands and mouths. There are also extra droppers, measuring cups, and vitamins.







One week has past since completing this project and I’m really loving it, however a few more water bottles have resurrected from the dead (where did these kids find them??). So I created another bottle bin in the cabinets below. I guess that’s my next project!