This Mom’s Guide to Girdles



Listen up world – I’ve had four kids, I am no longer a size 3, and girdles are my best friend. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I try my best to work out and eat healthy, and if you’ve read my blog post on my weight loss journey, you know that I’ve been able to slim down quite a bit after having kids. While that’s all true, I still appreciate a good girdle (aka fajas aka shapewear) to not only smoothen out my look on special occasions, but also to provide me with the extra support my new body needs (I suffer from back pain here and there).

Funny enough, my appreciation for girdles started in the hospital after delivering my first child! Any woman that has delivered a baby can remember that monsterous pair of underwear that the hospital issued them while they were there. As unattractive as those were, you can’t deny that they provided awesome support while your skin was hanging everywhere and slooowwwlllyyy shrinking back to its normal place on your body. Well after leaving the hospital, I quickly realized how much that supportive undergarment aided in my recovery and wanted to find something similar to wear around the house.

As time went on, wearing a girdle went from a necessity to an accessory; an item that helped me in achieving a seamless look when going out for a special occasion. Honestly, it took a lot of trial and error to figure out the different types of girdles and which ones didn’t make me sweat like a pig in a torture chamber. So continue reading for my guide and where I’ll share what I learned through the years.




Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 1.32.54 PMThe Cami – a cami girdle is different than a $3 cami that you buy from Old Navy. It provides light to medium support around your midsection, varies in length, and the straps and cut of the bust can be matched to the top you are wearing. Perfect for the office or a dress with a tight upper half and “cinderella” type bottom. Not suggested for wear with tight dresses as they tend to be long and bunch at your bottom while you move.



Thigh Shapers – my favorite piece to wear, if done correctly! When trying on a thigh shaper you have to know what you’re wearing this piece with (length) and how much support you want (midsection). Look for a thigh shaper with thin material at the legs for breathability and a seamless short for a clean look under your clothes. If you’re looking for extra support in your midsection, the material WILL be thicker than the shorts. If at any time you find your shorts rolling up or your top rolling down, it is too small and you need to go up a size.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 1.54.47 PMSlips & Full Body Shapers – the worse thing that may happen when wearing a girdle is that you “transfer” something you’re trying to tuck.. to another part of your body (i.e. creating a muffin top). Slips and full body shapers help reduce that possibility by taking care of the whole package. While it may only offer light to medium coverage, you’ll avoid any dimples or bunching in your outfits and that dreaded panty line is forever gone. I love full body shapers and slips because they give any girl a butt lift and it’s easier to use the restroom in them because most have a snap buttom bottom like a baby’s onesie.


Waist Cinchers & Control Panties – don’t do it. Ever.

Okay.. maybe not EVER.. but there are only a few reasons why you would ever need to wear one of these girdles and they’re both unrealistic. A waist cincher has never made its way past the dressing room with me because I have wide hips and I have to MOVE. A waist cincher, unless it’s made of very thick material and attached to your stockings or bra, is going to move/bunch/not stay still and is not practical. Similarly, control panties are meant to support your midsection but are very unforgiving of your panty line, do not cover your bottom, and create thigh bulge. The only exception that I would make to a control panty are the thong versions, but in that instance I would rathr opt for a thigh or full body shaper.




  • Know what clothing you want to wear your girdle with
  • Try it on! Take your dress or outfit to the store with you when you try on girdles to see how it looks and feels
  • Try different brands – Spanx is the leader in shapewear, but there are plenty of other inexpensive options that provide a variety of support.
  • Buy multiples of your favorite – TRUST ME. Your favorite piece may not be around next year and oops.. you snagged it on something in the washing machine

My favorite? This Maidenform Thigh Slimmer that I pair with rompers (as seen on my IG stories).




Every friend, whether a Mom or not, that I have introduced to their perfect girdle has told me that it was a life saver. Girdles should not be restrictive or leave you feeling like you’re roasting in an oven. Finding the right one takes a lot of time in the dressing room, but is so worth it! Shop around, and hopefully with the help of this guide, you’ll be feeling like a million bucks in all the clothes you never thought you could wear.