Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Pt 2


It’s been a couple of months since my last kitchen project, but here I am again trying to coordinate the chaos! Long ago I decided that my pantry wasn’t going to house all my dry foods, just breakfast & kid essentials, and this side cabinet was born. Located just above my dishwasher and coffee station, it’s where I stand as I wait for dinner inspiration to hit me. The problem though was that the shelves were overflowing with half empty boxes and I found myself saying “oh we already had spaghetti” too many times when putting groceries away. I quickly grew frustrated and knew it was time to create a more functional space.

Shop the Look

fullsizeoutput_126The good news? Everything is from IKEA, affordable, and can be ordered online. I’ve included links and a couple of saving tips if you keep reading!

The not so good news? To replicate my out of pocket ($6.40) takes time, several trips to the store, and friends and family to forward you a coupon. There are cheaper alternatives that I found at my local dollar store, so definitely shop around if you’re looking to do this in the most frugal manner possible.

The small bins fit perfectly side by side in my cabinet with a little adjusting. I organized the contents by what items we use the most (dinner sides) towards the bottom to  those things that I reach for maybe once a month (tea for guests). I then attached stickers and labeled each bin to complete the look.

NOTE: These are not chalkboard type stickers. I thought they were and bought chalk pens, only to write a very smeared “canned goods” scribble on the test label. A pen or sharpie can be used on the white and beige stickers, I used a metallic sharpie on the black labels.

Saving Tips

  • Sign up for IKEA emails for the up to date info on sales, coupons, and offers particular to your area. During the month of January IKEA has an organization and storage sale where you can save up to 25% off select items. You can stack the $25/$150 coupon they email to subscribers at the beginning of the year as well.
  • Sign up for IKEA family for year round perks and an extra 10% off your purchase
  • Celebrating a birthday? Don’t forget to add your special date to all of your IKEA profiles to be sent a coupon for $15 off any purchase and a free meal at the cafe.

Note: I have several family and friends born during the months of December and January and asked them to help me with this project. It took a little coordination, but through planning I split my transactions up and only paid slightly over $2 each visit.

You wouldn’t believe how many boxes I condensed and threw away once I completed this cabinet. Being able to see all of my canned and boxed goods makes it easier for me to plan meals and greatly reduces the likelihood of buying unnecessary groceries. Next.. spice cabinet? Stay tuned for part three!