My Kids’ Favorite Stocking Stuffers


90% of homes in California are built without a fireplace, thus leaving residents stocking-less at Christmas.

That’s a made up statistic but a real predicament according to my youngest son (lol). Well, he must not know how resourceful Californians can be, cause I’m positive we’re masters of makeshift mantles. To prove my point, I showed him pictures of past Christmases and that while we may have never lived in a home with a fire place, stockings have always been a part of our many Christmas traditions (thanks Facebook memories!). From our simple ones bought at the Dollar Tree and personalized with glitter glue, to our “fancier” ones with initials embroidered on, this glorified oversized sock and its contents have evolved over the years.

Every Christmas Eve we go on a drive to look at Christmas lights and when we get back the kids are allowed to go through their stockings. I’ve found that this Christmas Eve treat minimizes the “can we just open ONE gift” requests, and because I include new pajamas inside, its also a good photo op before the gifts are ripped open the next morning. So it goes without saying that their pajamas are MY favorite item in their stocking, but I wanted to know what my kids favorites were.. so I asked! Below is what they enjoyed over the years, and also a little organization tip at the end.



  • pacifiers & teethers
  • bibs & onesies
  • board books (example here)
  • snacks (I loved these Gerber Puffs for my littles)
  • “first Christmas” items


  • coloring books
  • DVDs
  • “surprise bag” toys
  • mittens & beanies
  • small lego sets


  • paperback books
  • puzzles
  • slime & squishies
  • fun socks & accessories
  • travel sized games (example here)


  • Travel sized products; deodorant & lotion
  • Beauty items; brush/comb, body spray, lip balm, face wipes, bath bombs
  • Non candy snacks; jerky, gum, coins for the vending machine
  • “Fidget” toys; spinners, rubik’s cube, & other brain teasers (here)
  • Coupons; no chore day, electronics pass, weekend at the grandparents


In progress, no I’m not just giving my oldest Nutella. Although, he’d probably enjoy that.

I shared this organization tip on my Instagram last year but here it is again! I label a gallon sized Ziplock bag with each child’s name and keep their items inside until it is time to stuff stockings. Not only does it keep things organized, but it also helps me to see how much I’ve purchased and prevents overspending. The Ziplock is about the same size of the stocking, so this method has really helped create that full look!

Hope this helps give you all some ideas! Enjoy!