All Things Holly & Jolly.. My Christmas Decor

Welcome December.. I’ve been ready for you since mid November! Now it’s just socially acceptable to post my Christmas tree and all the other details I’ve been working on for the past two weeks (yeah, I said it). Our front door is a welcoming sight for potential carolers, all our tree need is a few wrapped gifts, and our holiday mugs can be filled with hot cocoa! Here is a look into my home which reflects my simple, fun, and most importantly.. easy to clean style. I’ve included links to shop when available and noted if the item was from a previous years purchase.. enjoy!



The Kitchen



If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my kitchen is undoubtedly my favorite part of my house.. and I enjoy decorating it every season!I try my best to keep the counters clutter free and storing appliances inside cabinets really help me achieve that. We use our toaster oven and coffee maker (a.k.a. mom saver) every day so those have earned their permanent countertop residency. The one thing I struggle with is where to store dry fruits & veggies.. but thats another blog post. On to the details!

It’s just as frustrating to me as it is to others when I search endlessly for RED Rae Dunn holiday pieces and cannot find them. So instead of paying over retail (I refuse) I added red bows to my everyday Rae to give them a Christmas boost. I think it worked really well with the red lettered items I was able to find. And if it wasn’t enough searching for RD, Target also wanted to frustrate me by releasing AMAZING pieces in this years Bullseye’s Playground. Needless to say, I visited the stores [more] frequently [than normal].


Island Tier: The bottom three items are what pull at my heart strings!

  • Gnome on a Sled (TJMaxx)
  • Mini Hot Cocoa Sign (Target)
  • Hot Cocoa Ornament (Target)
  • 3 Tier Stand (Hobby Lobby)
Baking Area

Coffee Station: I had an extra piece of wooden garland from my tree that I cut in half, secured the ends of, and laid throughout my kitchen.

Baking Area: Spoiler alert, I don’t bake, but my girls do so this is their decorated area!

  • Red Truck (Target)
  • Mini Trees (Target)
  • Sign (Target)
  • Mini House (Target)
  • Measuring CupsSpoons (Target)


Stove Area: I don’t even know what to say but.. the gnomes took over. I tried fighting off this secret obsession of mine, and this year I couldn’t resist. I bought ALL the gnomes. We even named them; Naughty & Nice (the smaller ones), Jingle (red hat, as in “jingle all the way” in his sleigh), and Fa La was the one on the island tier.

  • Red Gnome (Target)
  • Grey Gnomes (Target)
  • Christmas Tree Sign (bought last year at Target)
  • Sleigh (Target)
  • Gnome Measuring Cups (Home Goods)
  • Car in Jar (bought last year at Target)


Above Cabinets: I don’t do much with this area, but I know I will get a ton of questions about some of the items, so links are below. The jar is an item that stays throughout the year and I just switch the contents inside to match the season.

  • White Tobacco Basket (Hobby Lobby)
  • Clear Vase (last year Target purchase)
  • Pinecone & Holly fillers (Dollar Tree)
  • Nutcracker (Dollar Tree)
  • Gather Sign (Hobby Lobby



The “Great Room”

(dining/living combo)


I love seeing this area in other peoples homes; whether its “lived in,” furniture showroom status, or the clever ways they figure out how to stylishly hide toys. When my kids were little, their stuff was EVERYWHERE, and weirdly I kind of miss it? For the most part though, I enjoy being able to plan my decor without a baby walker or high chair hiding in the background.

The Couch

  • Buffalo Plaid Throw (Target)
  • “Merry” Pillow (Target)
  • Grey Wreath Pillow (Target clearance, two years ago)

The Dining Table: One day, my table will be beautifully arranged with chargers, a delicate dining set, and ornate glasses with matching utensils. For now we eat on plastic or disposable plates!

  • Table & Bench (Bassett)
  • Chairs (Ikea! Go figure huh?)
  • Runner & Placemats (Target clearance, two years ago)
  • Centerpieces (TJMaxx)

The Mantle: All the heart eyes. On top of my babies stockings, this mantle houses all of our family collectibles; snow globes, nutcrackers, and various advent calendars that rotate each year. I shared last year how I made my own frugal garland by buying a plain one, then tied burlap and superglued pinecones and holly. I still love it!

Everything was bought during previous years holiday clearance sales from CVS, Target, and Walgreens. Perhaps the only item that is currently for sale are the stockings.



The Tree


I remember the first tree I bought my kids, it must have been 3.5″ and very inexpensive. I stood it on a stool, laid a long tree skirt around it to cover that fact, and piled the gifts high to hide that the tree skirt was too short! The struggle was real. The story behind our current tree is just as great though.. I was six months pregnant when I went out solo on Black Friday because I was determined to get a good deal. After grabbing my cheap poinsettias at Home Depot, I waddled my way to the trees (third pregnancy, you show and are bigger sooner I swear) but couldn’t bring the big ol box down. I pushed it down with a rake into the cart and the look of sheer HORROR on one man’s face was hilarious. Hey.. he didn’t ask if I needed help beforehand and a preggos gotta do what a preggos gotta do.

  • Garland (Michaels)
  • Ornaments (mix of Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store, and previous years at Target)
  • Tree Skirt (Target clearance, two years ago)
  • Mirror (Target)
  • Hutch (Target)

Christmas Town: Another collection of mine that I hope to grow so that it surrounds the tree and my train can one day run through it. So glad that my little Starbucks shop is of similar size to my homes. I worked for the coffee giant for ten years so how fitting that it’s represented in my town? Now for Target to make a tiny model.. a girl can dream!

  • Wood Trees (Target clearance, two years ago)
  • Wood Garland (Target clearance, two years ago)
  • Snowflake Runner (Target clearance, two years ago)
  • White Homes (Target)
  • Mini Trees (Target)
  • Mini Wreaths (Target)
  • Green Truck (Target)
  • Tiny Starbucks (Starbucks, last year)

That’s it! I’m ready to curl up on the couch and indulge in some Christmas classics but I guess some gifts have to be wrapped first huh? What is your Christmas style? Follow me on Instagram and tag me in all your decor! I love pulling inspiration from others!