Let Them Eat Pumpkin! The Best of Trader Joe’s

I didn’t know whether to file this post under “Food” or “Personal,” because it’s all of the above! Since I’m sharing products I enjoy and not necessarily a way to save money on them, we’re gonna chalk this one up to a more personal note. Save money elsewhere so you can splurge on pumpkin products.. how’s that for a tip?

Trader Joe’s rolled out with their Pumpkin products this week so I strolled my basic, fall loving, PSL obsessed self in to see what products were returning and if anything was new this year. Unfortunately, my store didn’t have one solo display with neon signs pointing to the holy grail of squash, so I had to hunt a bit. Hopefully this list will prove as a helpful guide if you find yourself in the same situation at your local store. I’m missing quite a few product prices (there was a five year old in tow), but again, my motto is YOLO when it comes to pumpkin.



Wake Up & Smell the Spice


z7ZDE4WiRKGogLqijYMkoQIt’s never too early for pumpkin! And apparently TJ’s agrees with their vast array of breakfast products. I’ve tried a majority of these, and my favorites are the oatmeal and chai loaf. The bagels have an awesomely distinct flavor that I find other brands lack, and the Pumpkin O’s are vegan! If you’re looking to try a pumpkin smoothie, pick up a few flavored greek yogurts & cheap bananas for a yummy combination!





Bake it til You Make it



I’m a far cry from Julia Child in the kitchen, so these baking mixes trick my little girls into thinking their mom has some kind of skill. Plus, they make my home smell DELICIOUS and that means I can save my Pumpkin candle for another day! The bread & muffin mix (pictured to the left) is an easy, just add water, type of boxed good that my kids have done on their own. You can even get creative by adding chocolate chips or walnuts! This year I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and try a recipe or two with the organic canned pumpkin.. wish me luck!






h4y8zR4HS6WYBGsISbTM3AProbably my favorite set of pumpkin flavored products, because they’re so versatile! The first time I tried a pumpkin soup was at a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant and I was hooked! Imagine my excitement when I found a similar tasting one at my local Trader Joe’s. If you’re a fan of tomato bisque, try this with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and garlic flavored croutons. Secondly, the pumpkin butter is DIVINE on toast with cream cheese, way different than just eating a pumpkin flavored cream cheese.. trust me.



Fall’s Short, Eat Dessert First

ZmK046y8SFCsnPQJ1Dc5lQThis city girl turned suburban mom is a far off way from her local Cheesecake Factory *insert tears* so luckily I can get my quick fix at Trader Joe’s! I’m not too big on the ice cream, I’d like it if there was a creamier, less grainy texture.. but the biscotti are really good with coffee when you need that afternoon pick me up before you get the kids from school (super specific right?). Having a fall themed baby shower, party, or going to a potluck? Throw some Joe Joe’s on a tray and call it a day!



…and those were my finds! I think it’s important to note that I am not to be held responsible for any excessive weight gain during pumpkin season. I won’t advise you to consume pumpkin products in moderation.. because well, it’s pumpkin and it’s going to be gone before you know it! Do you hear the desperation in my voice? I need to seek help. Pumpkin lovers anonymous anyone?