Capsule Wardrobes: I’m a Believer

When I started sharing bits of my organized home on social media, I think it gave off the impression that I have always had my home that way. I got tons of messages from other moms asking for upkeep tips, and I would respond that I didn’t have any! After that I started to show my home in all it’s realness.. dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and the “before” organization mess. It’s important that you all know that I’m just a regular mom trying to make gradual improvements in her home.. on a budget of course!

Someone once asked me what the most horrible looking room of my home was, and I immediately said, “My closet, for sure!” I despise doing laundry.. always have, always will. When I was a teen I would throw my dirty clothes in the hamper and my clean clothes stayed in my laundry basket. Nothing ever made it to my dresser or closet because what was the point? I would wear it soon enough and that just seemed like an fullsizeoutput_fbextra chore. As a young adult I made it a point to never work at a retail clothing store because I knew I didn’t want to fold clothes.. they couldn’t pay me enough. Now as an adult, you could give me the cutest farmhouse style laundry room and I would still hate the chore! Thank God my kids are old enough to fold and put away their own clothes!

Nevertheless, I am a mother and I should set a good example for my kids right? How can I teach my kids to clean their rooms and take care of their things when my own closet looks like garbage? So instead of just picking my clothes up off the floor I decided to do a full on closet purge. I have been reading about the benefits of capsule wardrobes, seen a few people on social media create theirs. and thought it sounded like a cool concept. I highlighted the basics of this concept, my thoughts, and my process! If you’re a regular ol’ mom like me, this may not make you hate laundry any less, but at least your closet will look pretty.. for awhile?

The Basics


What is a capsule wardrobe?

In short, it is a collection of clothing that you wear for 3 months, or a season. In Northern California, we kind of only have three seasons, so the capsule I put together was for Fall/Winter.

How do you decide what to put together? 

  1. Pick a color palette – I picked two because sometimes I like dark tones and other times I wear soft, girly colors. Working off a color palette helps you choose pieces that will work together in different combinations.
  2. Quality over Quantity – I read articles about women choosing 10 or 20 pieces and thought “they must not have kids.” I’m a MESSY eater and get hugged by sticky hands, so ten pieces was not going to work for me. Choose as many pieces as you want/need but remember to keep the season in mind.

The Process

Be warned, purging is not an easy task. I’m glad I did this while the kids were at school, because had they seen their mom whining and complaining through it all, they would have had ammo on me for years to come. But I got it done! I was holding on to a lot of clothes that were fading, items I planned on losing weight to fit into (don’t we all do that?), or things that I never wore but bought because it was SUCH a good deal *face palm.* So out of my dressers and closets and off to the trash, to be donated, or sold on a resale website. Lastly, I packed away my non-seasonal items into ONE bin that will stay in the garage until I can wear them next season.

I use Mercari to resell purses, shoes, and Victoria’s Secret PINK active wear in good condition. You can also find a lot of “like new” products for great prices! Click here to download the app and you’ll get $10 in account credits.

A lot of the articles that I read on creating a capsule wardrobe spoke only on what goes in your closet, and I thought that was weird because there was NO WAY this basic suburban mom was going to let go of her signature yoga pant and sweatshirt motif. So here’s another transparent moment; believe that I condensed my activewear, pajamas, and under garments as well. Instead of stacking my clothes, I switched to the rolling method because it is easier to see what is available. I use this method for when I pack luggage and love it.. you don’t have to fold everything perfectly, just get it in there.

The Final Product

fullsizeoutput_faThats it! A wardrobe that is interchangeable and an organized closet. Condensing my clothes to select pieces makes the morning go a lot smoother. Yes, on most days I still wear a baseball cap and yoga pants, but on those occasions when I have a meeting, appointment, or want to dress up.. this makes choosing my outfit so much easier. Everything can be matched in different combinations, I know they all currently fit me, and I feel my best in them!

Have you thought about trying to create a capsule wardrobe? Or have you been creating them for awhile? I’d love to see and draw inspiration from other moms collections! Follow me on Instagram and tag me in other capsule wardrobes!