Fall’n for My Kitchen + DIY Cotton Wreath

It’s been real Summer, but I’m ready for Fall and all things pumpkin! I patiently waited for September to roll around until I brought out my decor and it looks like most retailers had the same idea, so it was easy to pick up a few odds and ends (I didn’t need much). This year I wanted to stay away from smiling pumpkins and anything spooky.. and instead do Harvest theme that could stay up through Thanksgiving. The main focal point was going to be a cotton wreath above my sink, but most retailers wanted $40-$60 for one! So I grabbed a few items from Hobby Lobby and made my own for only $8. I’m sure you could get SUPER crafty with similar items from Dollar Tree, but I was already in that particular store and didn’t want to make an extra trip. Keep reading, all the details for the wreath are included, plus where to buy the items in my kitchen that I get asked most about.




An overall view of the kitchen. I like to keep most appliances off the counters!


Am I the only one that gets frustrated searching Pinterest for “Over Cupboard Decor” inspiration? Lol! I rarely find pictures of this area of the kitchen, and it’s my favorite part to decorate!

Gather sign (Hobby Lobby)


fullsizeoutput_f2This was a copy cat version of a jar I had seen in store! The glass jar I had on hand from previous years Target clearance, the pinecones were from my Christmas decor stash, and the cotton balls were leftover from the wreath I made. I don’t know why I never thought to use pine cones for Fall, it always registers as a Christmas item to me, but I love how it came out.



I haven’t been lucky enough to find many Halloween Rae Dunn items, but you better believe that I proudly display my ONE tray!

Where did you buy the “RICE” container?
Glass container (Target) and a friend made the decal for me to stick on!
Measuring cup rack (Ikea) Fintorp series



*Sigh* My tier frustrates as much as it gratifies me. I like it to be a mix of pretty and practical by throwing on fruit that goes with the color scheme, but it’s not quite working out right now! I will probably switch to oranges and apples until the kids start missing their bananas..

3 tier stand (Hobby Lobby)

**I hope it goes without saying that I never pay full price at Hobby Lobby? If an item isn’t on sale, you can ALWAYS access a 40% off one regular priced item coupon on their site**




Dishes are never fun, but doing them with a nice view kinda makes the chore less daunting? Maybe?

Mug Rack (Hobby Lobby)



DIY Cotton Wreath $8.37

**all items from Hobby Lobby**
(Price Breakdown)

  • Wreath Regularly $3.99 Use 40% coupon online Pay $2.39
  • Cotton (seasonal item) Regularly $4.99 On Sale $2.99 (I used two packs)

Instructions: Simply use a glue gun to attach cotton to wreath!
Similar item in store Regularly $59.99 On Sale $29.99

I’m so happy with how my Harvest Theme came out! Have you decorated for Fall yet or am I jumping the gun? Well it’s just the inside of the house right now, since Northern California is still experiencing sunny weather in the high nineties. My neighbors might look at me a little funny if I bring out all the porch decorations.. so we’ll give it another couple of weeks! If you ARE crazy like me, tag me in all the fun on Instagram! I’d love to see what theme you’re doing.