Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I have a confession to make that may not surprise any of you; I collect an obscene amount of coffee mugs. I worked for Starbucks for ten years, so a hobby like this is semi understandable right? The first ones I bought were a petite black and white set of six that had the brand, sans green logo, stamped in the middle. I loved those, got many compliments on them, and they survived each apartment move in my late teens/early twenties. The next, most extensive, set that I collected was the Starbucks “city mug” series. I remember visiting my store manager at her home office one day and seeing the walls lined with mugs from places she had travelled.. she was PINspiration before Pinterest existed! From that moment I was hooked, friends even brought me mugs from their travels, and to this day they are carefully packed away in storage, never to leave my possession.

Fast forward to mom life, sippy cups, water bottles with missing lids, and a Rae Dunn obsession.. my cabinets have become a hot mess that can no longer support my mug love. I made it my weekend’s goal to purge, purchase, and make it pretty! Keep reading for all the details and even where to buy a few items!

The Purge


I had tons of mugs and cups that I hadn’t even used! Those I wrapped and kept for future gifts (tea, a mug, and cookies for a teacher?). A lot of others were tossed, because why do we bother keeping the cool glass bottle from that hip boba place we visited once..

The Purchase


Found these cabinet organizers at my local 99 Cent Only Store! They come in black as well, fit perfectly for the depth of my shelves, and have so many uses.

Similar items
WalMart 5 piece set or 3 piece set
Target Single Organizer Shelf
Dollar Tree Cabinet Organizer (minimum purchase required)

Project: Make it Pretty


*Sigh* Isn’t she a beauty?! I used six shelves, adjusted the height of some of my shelves, and only kept dishes that were “aesthetically pleasing.” Since my black and white city mugs fit the color scheme, they made the cut. My youngest son’s plastic plates and cups are kept in the dishwasher (we’re a regular ol household here) and I made sure to keep the dishes that the kids need to access on the bottom shelf.. away from my precious RD collection lol!

Dishes – Ikea Flitighet 18 ct
Cups – Target Plastic Stemless Wine Glass



Hope you enjoyed this! I’m trying to get my kitchen together little by little, but these shelves were such a good find I may attack under my bathroom sinks next! Follow me on instagram for more frugal household organization!