My 35th Fiesta


Back in April, I practically begged my son to let me throw him a birthday party inspired by the Disney movie Coco. Initially he agreed and I started dreaming up the colorful decor I was going to put together. Then the movie Avengers: Infinity War released and my dreams were crushed by requests for super heroes and all things that can be demolished (see that party here). So when MY birthday rolled around, I figured “why not?,” and hoped the planning process would distract me from the anxiousness of turning thirty five. I’m happy to say it came together nice, easy, and was inexpensive.. so keep reading for all the details!

Unfamiliar with my frugal planning process? Here are my tips!

Say Queso!


Loteria is the Mexican version of BINGO and because of the game’s vibrant colors, I decided to make it into a frame that my guests could take pictures with during the party. I bought the game at a Mexican grocery store for $1.99 and used a foam presentation board that I had on hand. I simply stenciled a border, using the cards as my guide, and cut out the middle with a box cutter. I glued one layer of cards on, then added a few single cards in a haphazard way. TA-DA!

Loteria cards at WalMart here
Foam presentation board at Target here

Beyond Tacos

hBew0pBiRqKu5ZXpoGRkuQIt’s assumed that at any Mexican themed party tacos would be served right? Sorry, not at mine unless I’ve hired someone to make them fresh. I’m not a taco snob, I just take pride in offering that delicious dish to my guests.. I’d rather not leave ingredients out to get cold and stale.

So I chose another frugal favorite, Mexican Street Dogs! *mouth waters* And they’re so easy to make.

  • Wrap hot dogs in bacon, grill til cooked
  • Dice bell peppers (red and green) and onion, grill til cooked
  • Optional: grill whole jalapeños
  • Toast hot dog buns in toaster oven
  • Combine all and add Mexican Crema.. no it’s not the same as sour cream, but if you aren’t near a market, there are some home made versions on Pinterest.

Cheer to Beer.. itas!

I am not a bartender by any means, so I tend to stay on the “safe” side for parties; mimosas, sangria, and beer. I can’t stress how simple this recipe for Beer-itas is, and when using a premium mixer like Cocktail Artist, you’ll definitely leave your guests thinking you’ve turned into a professional mixologist.

  • Ingredients – (4) 750 ml bottles of Cocktail Artist Premium Margarita Mix, (2) 750 ml bottles of your choice of Tequila, (1) 12 pk of Corona beer, limes, and salt
  • Instructions – Pour Cocktail Artist Premium Margarita Mix and Tequila into a beverage dispenser, add ice to chill. Cut a lime wedge to wet the rim of a glass, dip in salt, and fill cup only half way full with margarita mix. Carefully flip a Corona into your cup and enjoy! Responsibly, of course.

Cocktail Artist Premium mixers are available nationwide at Walmart. Find a location near you here


Inexpensive Details

  • fullsizeoutput_edServe pan dulce (sweet bread) instead of cake. Not only do conchas come in a variety of colors, but they’re usually only 2/$1.. definitely cheaper than what you would get a dozen store bough cupcakes for!
  • Flower vases were made from empty tin cans that I bought 2/$1 at the dollar store. Look for salsa, tomato sauce, refried beans, and things of that sort that fit with the theme. Cheap flowers are from good ol Trader Joes ($2.99 a bunch).

  • fullsizeoutput_eeServe seasonal fruit with tajin (a chili powder) or lime juice & hot sauce. I only served fruit that was on sale $1 a pound or cheaper. It was a hit with kids and adults alike.
  • One year, when my kids were young, I tried my hand at making a piñata and let me tell you.. never again. If you’ve had luck with it, GREAT, but I did not and I’m pretty crafty! So when I found this cactus for $3.99 at my local 99 Cent Only Store, I was sold! Definitely cheaper than the taco shaped ones I saw at Walmart and Target. I didn’t put candy in it, it was simply for decor.



  • fullsizeoutput_efAgain, my local 99 Cent Store came through clutch with everything I needed for my candy bar.. but if you are by a Mexican market I found that they are cheaper per unit there if you are buying in bulk.
  • I didn’t know that the large Jarritos were such a big deal but I was asked a bunch of times where I found them.. at Safeway of all places for only $1.25 a bottle.


I think after every party I say THAT was my favorite party.. but this one really might be guys. Maybe it was that I had been wanting to do this theme for so long, the awesome colors, or that I’m convinced my culture has the dopest comfort food.. maybe its all of the above. I had a great time with family and friends and kept the decor should someone ever ask me to recreate this theme.. ya know, just in case!

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