Chick-Fil-A Cow Costume DIY

Once a year, Chick-Fil-A offers a FREE entree for customers willing to dress like a cow. While you’ll see many participants in t-shirts with black spots, don’t run out and break the bank on white tees for your family (isn’t the point to save money?). Using items around the house, here’s our family costume idea!

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 11.06.00 AM

Supplies Needed

hwucoyulq26wlos1bloikg.jpgfor the body suit

  • garbage bag (white or black)
  • sharpie (black spots) or white paper (white spots)
  • scissors
  • kids t-shirt (just for measuring)
  • tape or glue

WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, exercise caution when using a plastic bag with small children, and supervise at all times. This is not recommended for babies and do not use bag in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens.


  1. Lay your garbage bag down. The sealed, unopened end will be your “top,” where your neck will go through.
  2. Who will be wearing this costume? Use one of their shirts to measure the neck and arm openings of the bag. (See pictures)
  3. Cut out neck opening and slits for arms to extend out of
  4. Take your sharpie (if using a white bag) and draw simple black “splotches” on the front and back. They don’t have to be perfect! If using a black garbage bag, cut out white shapes & tape or glue onto bag.


Accessories Ideas

  • Print this Cow Mask  from Elle & Co. – glue onto cardboard for more support. You can punch holes onto sides & wear with a string looped through, or tape a paper straw to the back and hold
  • Headbands & Paper – one year I didn’t have ink in my printer! So I drew out ears and taped them to headbands that my girls already had.
  • Print Chic-Fil-A’s signature “Eat More Chikin” sign from 2PawsDesigns here!






And that’s it! I hope you enjoy the freebie with your family. Follow me on Instagram for more frugal family activities and tag me in your pictures, I’d love to see your costumes!