DIY: Diaper Cake


There are many ways to make a diaper cake, but as someone who has received AND gifted many, the following method is my favorite. Why am I not a fan of the individual rolled method? They’re a pain to take apart, and I can’t tell you how many mom-to-be’s have text me after their baby showers and thanked me for giving them the easiest cake to deconstruct.

What You’ll Need

  • Diapers: Two packs, size one and two. I use Target’s Up & Up because it is a mostly white diaper, which is aesthetically pleasing for most designs, only $4 a pack, and creates a 3 tier cake. If your mom to be has a diaper preference, keep in mind that the design may show (usually Characters or a print) and you’ll have to cover that up.w8ox6aMCT9WmP8tzF+MXrg
  • An empty paper towel roll or bottle of wine: For the center, both work, it’s up to you  if you’d like to gift wine
  • Curling Ribbon or Rubber bands: to secure the diapers in place. Curling ribbon is cheaper and works well if you are constructing this on your own. One large rubber band for the base requires one person to hold the diapers in place and another to wrap the band.
  • Ribbon: For decoration, any size and style works, depending on your theme.


  1. Bottom layer: You’ll need 25-30 size two diapers. Stack diapers in a row (as pictured) and wrap around base, spreading out so as to cover any “ruffled” ends (the part that touches the baby’s stomach). Secure with curling ribbon, or rubber band, by tying a double knot. Repeat til you have a large circle, securing diapers with a curling ribbon as needed and adjusting how diapers are stacked to create a round circle. Circle not perfect? Simply insert diapers where needed, tucking in ends for a polished look.
  2. Middle layer: Use the remainder of your size two diapers in the middle of the base, then complete the outside with size one. In total this should take about 20 diapers.
  3. Top layer: Repeat steps, using 10-12 diapers.
  4. Add ribbon: Use two small drops of hot glue at the back (where the ribbon will connect) and at the front to secure the ribbon in place. Use sparingly as you want the diapers to still be used!



fullsizeoutput_cbColor Scheme: Go along with the baby shower theme, baby’s gender, or the parents’ favorite sport team or common interest

Add Gifts: Secure a pair of shoes, a rolled up onesie, stuffed animals, or some toiletries with paper clips onto the ribbon thats already wrapped around.

Upgrade the Base: Placing your cake on top of a gift box gives it nice height and allows you to add more gifts! Pick one up at the craft store and even look at large photo/storage boxes!

Dress your Layers: In-between your layers, add shredded colored paper, a tutu made of tulle, or insert fake flowers for an extra touch

I love giving diaper cakes as a gift, they’re fun to craft it’s a personalized piece for a baby shower’s decor, and it means you put time and thought into what you are giving. I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and if you try it, please tag me on Instagram so I can see how you did!