DIY Dreamcatcher

My girls are on a month long break from their year-round school and I promised them we’d attack some of their crafting “wants.” First on the list was a dreamcatcher.. or two.. for their room. Supplies cost $5 each, which wasn’t too bad considering the kits I saw in store were $9. No sewing, no measuring, and no complicated weaving.. this project was proof that crafting does not have to be cookie cutter precise, and I love how it came out!


  • Metal Ring (Hobby Lobby $1.49)
  • 1/4 yard lace (Hobby Lobby $2)
  • Ribbon (WalMart .49-.99 ea)
  • Feathers (WalMart $1.49)
  • Flowers (WalMart $1)
  • Beads (on hand)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors



I helped my younger daughter with her pink/blue/purple dreamcatcher using the following steps:

  1. Wrap your ring – Loop one end of ribbon around your ring, and secure with glue. Continue wrapping around, setting in place with glue every two inches or so. I did not measure my ribbon, if I ran out, I simply glued another one on and continued until the ring was covered. Once completely wrapped, I left a little slack for a loop to hang my dreamcatcher. Length will vary depending on where you want to place it.qSCFDfQ5SdCdkTBKOmMtLA
  2. Attach ribbon – Cut two strips of equal length and glue them (shortest to longest) working from the ends toward the center. Loop the end of the ribbon over the ring and glue to the back of the ribbon. Don’t worry too much about aesthetics, this side will be hidden when you attach the lace.
  3. Accessorize – I added beads and feathers just by weaving ribbon through the bead holes and tying knots through or around the item.
  4. Lay lace – Place ring on lace and trace the outline with a pencil. Cut out and glue on, covering any unsightly ribbon loops from step two. Trim excess lace.



That’s it! Simple right? This craft took us about 40 minutes to complete, which wasn’t bad for our first time. Let me know if you try this, and tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see what you come up with!