App Highlight: Airbnb

Note: While this is not a sponsored post, I may receive financial compensation through the links provided. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an app and website that provides hospitality services for consumers and entrepreneurs throughout the world. Their business has gained wide popularity because of their vast network, security features, and great value. Whether you are a traveler looking for somewhere to stay and things to do, or an individual looking to monetize an under utilized space, Airbnb has created a community for you to gather and serve one another.

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Why Choose Airbnb

Hotels are great but I find myself worrying about resort fees, parking options, kitchen amenities, and a million other things when traveling with kids. Airbnb’s network of rentals have the comforts of home, the kids aren’t cramped into a small space, and there are no surprise fees. Ever travel with extended family or friends? It’s nice to be in one big house instead of several rooms down a long haul.. our kids have created some great memories with their cousins at Airbnb vacation rentals!

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.26.30 AMArea Availability: If it’s on the map, more than likely Airbnb has a place for you to stay there. Their market has expanded to 191 countries and includes apartments, tree houses, castles.. everything for any sized or seasoned travel group. Some of their destinations look like they came straight out of the Travel channel.

Reviews & Ratings: Not sure who to book with? The Airbnb community relies heavily on user reviews! Good Hosts (people who rent their spaces) quickly respond to any questions or concerns before and during your stay in order to receive a positive review of their space after your trip. You can view previous travelers reviews before you book and even ask the Host questions! I tend to book with “Super Hosts,” those who have been part of Airbnb for several years and have a positive history.

Referral System: You can earn FREE travel! Yup, you heard that right! Simply create an account by clicking here and you’ll get $40 off your first booking. Complete your profile and you’ll get your own referral link to share with family and friends. They’ll get $40 towards their first trip, and once they book you’ll get $20 credit (up to $5000). There’s more! If someone you refer becomes a Host you get $75 credit!


Ways to Use Airbnb

Leisure/Business Trips: Like any travel website, simply plug in your dates, location, and the number of people in your party to begin your search. Find your perfect match by distance to landmarks, price, or amenities. To secure your reservation, create an account (click here), followed by a series of identity verification (you need a government ID), complete your profile (make yourself presentable to Hosts), and you’re done! You can add a greeting to the Host, letting them know that you’re a responsible tenant or ask questions. They’ll either review your request and approve your reservation or ask for more info (mostly to verify you’re not throwing a raging party). All communication is done through the app, so you never have to give out your personal cell phone number!


Experiences: Traveling to a new destination and want to hang like a local? Book Host led activities including city landmarks, restaurant/bar hopping, outdoor adventures, and more! Another cool feature is their Social Impact option, if supporting local causes are more your speed. Each activity ranges in price so there is something for everyone’s budget.

Become a Host: Looking to earn extra cash but don’t have a place to rent? No problem! You can host your home or your life! Get paid to lead travelers through your town, on your time, and Airbnb helps you plan the whole thing.

How to Maximize Airbnb

pexels-photo-893895.jpegReferral Program: Spread the word, share your referral code, and watch the credits stack! Promote your code when before travel season starts (summer & holidays) so that others consider Airbnb when it comes time to book. It is important to note that travel credits expire a year after they are issued, so stay up to date on your account. Lastly, you can earn up to $5000 in credits but Airbnb does not limit your usage.. you can apply ALL of your credits on one trip! Click here to read more terms and conditions.

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