My Perfect Mother’s Day


When you’re a mom, holidays become another day to shower your family with selfless acts of love; you prep the costumes for Halloween, a buffet of food for Thanksgiving, and presents for Christmas. Mother’s Day, however, is OUR time. It is the one day a year that our family can express their love and gratitude for the months of pregnancy, hours of labor, sleepless nights, and stretch marks we took on to give them LIFE. There’s also the attitudes we catch, the lunches we pack, the house we keep, etcetera etcetera etcetera.. wait, why do we only get one day?

Thankfully, my family always does a great job of showing me that they appreciate me. They know that I relish in this day.. it is as important to me as my birthday! While I appreciate being showered with gifts, I hope they know that it is the little things they do for me on this day that mean the most.. and what’s funny is that they’re all free! Hopefully they’ll read this and save themselves some money this year, but hey, I won’t turn down a gift! Ladies, read on and if you agree, it wouldn’t hurt to forward this link to your family!

  1. fullsizeoutput_88They let me sleep in: Mind you, sleeping in for me is 7am! But I love waking up to the smell of coffee and seeing my kids cuddled up on the couch, waiting for me to greet them. Sundays are my run days, so after my cup of coffee I’m out the door, and Daddy gets the kids ready for whatever they have planned for me that day. Usually it’s a brunch or lunch reservation so that our morning is not rushed.
  2. My house is clean(ish): Sun up to sun down, I do not lift a finger. Daddy takes on the role of coordinator of chaos and puts the kids to work. I love knowing that the laundry has been taken care of and looking into a clear sink. Note, I do not expect perfection, I have learned to appreciate the effort. Although, there may have been a year or two that I deep cleaned the day before and all they had to do was upkeep it!
  3. I don’t cook: Whether we go out to eat or they fend for themselves.. the kitchen is CLOSED. Note to any family reading this? Those “cook it yourself” restaurants, like IMG_0327Korean BBQ, are a horrible Mother’s Day idea. Please make her reservations at a nice establishment where the food is delivered ready to eat! *wink* You’re welcome.
  4. Quality Family Time: Every year all I want is for my kids to get semi dressed up so that we can take nice pictures, preferably somewhere outdoors! Most times I’m behind the camera and never in the pictures. I love our our group shots and I’m glad my kids will have them to show their future families.
  5. Me Time: Before the day ends I like to enjoy some time to myself. Most people would think this weird or selfish, I mean it IS a day that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate had I not had kids! For me, it’s a way that my family shows that they appreciate my hard work and understand I put just as much effort into maintaining my sanity. An hour or so of a kidless trip to Target, strolling the home decor aisles with a cup of coffee, and NOT crossing anything off a “to do” list doesn’t change the day’s meaning one bit! I deserve it. I come home refreshed, to bathed kids, plop on the couch and enjoy a few reality tv shows before I remember.. the grind starts all over again tomorrow.
I love rose gardens, so one year my family took me to McKinley Park in Sacramento

Being a mom is the greatest job I will ever have and I’m glad my bosses (aka family) know how much I love them. Every year they do an amazing job of showering me with gratitude.. cool gifts too.. and it keeps me recharged for another year of Mom-ming. This year, be mindful of how the Mom in your life would feel appreciated. You’d be surprised that it’s more about intention, effort, and your presence rather than something you picked up at the mall.