A MARVELous Birthday

GMQudRnuRA2xuwA82GFVogJust like that, the April birthday madness is over, but believe that I went out with a BANG! The baby of the family turned five and he simply requested a Marvel cake. He’s too young to know that “Mama don’t do simple,” and cake turned into a full spread. What’s funnier is that we weren’t expecting guests, there was no party planned, I just kept the dining area decorated for a few days.. and yes, I know I’m crazy. Using items I had on hand and only shopping for essentials, I achieved this look for only $20 (cake not included). Continue reading for all the details, where to shop, and links to purchase.

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Backdrop Cost $7

What I had on hand (HOH): A three panel presentation board from my daughter’s science fair project, construction paper, black ribbon. All can be bought at your local dollar store.

What I bought: Balloons and table cloths (red, yellow, and blue) and black paint



  1. For each colored table cloth, I cut into fourths (long ways), then attached them together using packaging tape. When you’re ready to display your piece, make sure to face the non taped side forward.
  2. “Happy Birthday” banner and word bubbles were FREE on this site. I printed what I needed on regular paper, glued onto construction paper so that they held up nicer, and strung black ribbon through.
  3. My cityscape was an easy DIY. I used this black acrylic paint on a three panel board. Once dried, I used a rule to outline different sized buildings, and carved out with a box cutter. Yellow construction paper was cut into different sized “windows” and glued on.
  4. Balloons were attached last and simply taped in place.

2OKjoyoFQG6PNEp67gqlVwTablespread Cost $10

HOH: letterboard, stand, leftover noise makers, platter, cake stand, gold buckets, picture frame, Hulk mask, beverage dispenser, cups & plates.

Bought: Four silly string, green cups, three different colored napkins ($1 each at Dollar Tree), Marvel 4 piece Character bath set (90% off at Walgreens), “Five” balloon ($1 Target).


  1. Turn silly string into “spiderweb” by attaching printables. There are a ton of FREE options on Pinterest, but links expire fast (including the one I used). Here are a few I found recently (click here or here).
  2. I’ve always loved creating popcorn funnels out of comics! I did it a few years ago with a Peanuts theme, and the Marvel version was just as great. All I did was Google “Marvel comics,” found the image I liked, and took a screen shot on my iMac. Once printed, I halved the paper (short ways), formed into a cone, and set in place with tape. NOTE: Using copyright images for personal use is fine, but is illegal when used for profit.
  3. While at the movie theaters a few weeks back, there was a huge Avengers cardboard cutout that I had my son take a picture in front of, knowing I would add it to my table. Dress you child in a costume or a character tee to achieve the same personalized touch!

Food Cost $3

HOH: Since we weren’t having anyone over, it didn’t make sense for me to spend money on food! I simply used items we had in our pantry that my kids could snack on throughout the day; goldfish, granola bars, Nutella (on the marshmallows), strawberries, juice.

Bought: Marshmallows, popcorn, and food coloring (99 cents each at the 99 Cent Only Store)

This was such a fun and colorful theme that my son really enjoyed! And for those that are wondering, the cake cost $21.99 from our local grocery store.. not bad right? I usually just home bake cupcakes, but he specifically asked for “cake with fresh strawberries.” When your little super hero turns five, you go for the cake!