My Top 5 Kid Clothing Retailers


I think we’re all in agreement that you can save money buying your kids’ clothes second hand. Thrift stores, garage sales, Goodwill, Craigslist.. I am no stranger to any of them! However, I have noticed that as the reselling market grows, these once inexpensive stores are starting to raise their prices! So if you are looking for other options, or just want to know how you can score brand new clothes for less, read on to see the retailers I frequent the most for my kids!

1. H&M

My favorite thing about H&M is that you can shop for any age and style. Most items that are in store are sold online as well, so finding your size is fairly easy!

  • Sign Up: Create an online account with H&M and fill out ALL of your information.fullsizeoutput_78 You’ll be sent coupons via the mail and email regularly. Some include a percentage off one item, free shipping, or a dollar amount off your total purchase. Make sure to read the fine print because most of the time you can stack these coupons with the discounts mentioned below!
  • It Pays to Recycle: Bring in a bag of used clothing or home textiles and get a coupon for 15% off your total purchase. When I clean out the kids dressers and closets, I divide their clothes into a couple of small bags to keep in a bin in the garage. Every time we go to H&M I bring a bag so we save AT LEAST 15%.
  • Regular Sales: Clearance varies by store, but it’s always amazing and usually on items that are still in season. Another favorite of mine are their basics (tank tops, undershirts, hoodies) that they offer for “Buy Two, Get One FREE.” My boys always need t-shirts and my girls are constantly in need of leggings, so the fact that you can mix and match across departments is great!

2. The Children’s Place

It was a sad day when my older two kids grew out & up from this store! My go to store for matching Christmas pajamas, holiday portraits, or just when I wanted my four littles to dress alike.

Tip: All of these discount can be stacked! Make sure to tell your cashier what coupons you are using at the beginning of your transaction.

  • Sign Up: Create an online account to have coupons emailed to you regularly. After every purchase in store, they have emailed me a “thank you” coupon for $10 off my next $40 purchase. I have bought socks, a headband, or a gift card, and as long as I give my information at check out I have gotten a coupon 24-48 hours afterwards.
  • My Place Rewards: Is a frequent buyer program, separate from their credit card, that only requires your information and you start earning one point for every dollar spent. After 100 point (so $100) you get a $5 reward. Seems like a little kickback, but they do have double point days and offers occasionally. Add your children’s info on your account and they’ll email you a 20% coupon the week of their birthday.
  • Place Cash: Is store money that you can earn during a promotional period by spending a certain dollar amount. Once the “earning” period has passed, you have a “spending” period when you can claim your Place Cash! During the earning period, I usually purchase clearance clothing to obtain Place Cash. During spending periods, I buy regular priced items so that the store money lowers my total.


3. Justice

I’m convinced that it was someone’s “cool aunt” that created this store. No mom of girls in her right mind would dump every.single.cute.thing. imaginable in one location for daughters to squeal in delight and mothers to cry as they hand over their credit cards. Nonetheless, this unicorn-acopia establishment exists and my daughters LOVE it.

Tip: Most of these discounts can be stacked in store. Justice did a site update not too long ago and stacking coupons has not worked as well since. However, if there is an item online that is out of stock in store, you can ask the associates to order it for you and they will ship to your home for free!

  • Sign Up: Create an online account and you will be mailed a coupon for 15% off an online or in store purchase. Include your mailing address to have coupons mailed to you, and your child’s/children’s birthday(s) to get a FREE gift on their special day. This past year my daughter got a really cute necklace and charm that she loved.
  • Club Justice: Is a frequent buyer program, separate from their credit card, that only requires your information and you start earning one point for every dollar spent. After 200 points you earn a $10 reward (similar to The Children’s Place). You also receive $5 just for signing up, FREE shipping when you spend $50, and access to exclusive offers.
  • Download their App: Not only is a fun way for your girls to shop, but there are games and videos on there as well! Your daughter also receives a FREE gift in store when you show the associates your app. My two daughters each used their iPads to get their own freebies.
  • Justice Events: Probably the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Every month or so Justice holds FREE in store events for girls to hang out and party with one another. My girls have attended their Fashion Shows; they can pick an outfit from ANYTHING in store, dress up, and rock their in store runway.. microphone announcers and an audience of parents included! The best part? You receive 40% off any one regular priced item that day!

4. Old Navy

Simple yet stylish is why I love shopping here. Their jeans hold up well for my active kids, their leggings are the perfect thickness for my girls, and have you seen their peacoats? To die for in the winter!

  • Sign Up: The two biggest advantages to signing up for their emails is to be notified of their one day sales and the occasional coupon. The coupons tend to be hidden aaalll the way at the bottom of the email, so keep an eye out! Their one day sales can be a bit addicting, so to avoid running to the store every time, rest assured that the offers come back around at least twice a year. Except the one dollar flip flops.. you gotta run for that!
  • Super Cash: Similar to The Children’s Place “Place Cash,” Old Navy offers their own store money. Just like TCP you have an earning then spending period. Old Navy sends you plenty of emails to remind you when to spend your cash!
  • Black Friday: One of my favorite retailers to shop on this day because I can get my kids geared up for winter or buy gifts for others at great prices. They’re one of the few stores opened on Thanksgiving Day (*cringe* I know) so you can get a break from cooking and cleaning and shop if you choose to.


5. Target

Enough said.

  • Sign Up: Make an online account, add all of your information, and sign up for any type of registry that they offer. The reason? Target sends out valuable coupons in the mail, but who they choose to send them to is anyone’s guess, so putting your information onto multiple lists increases your chances.
  • Download their App: It is savings central now that Target has merged all of their apps into one. You can view their weekly ad, price check items, load cartwheel offers, and access coupons all in one place. Simply have the cashier scan your “wallet” in app and you’re out the door!
  • Target REDCardThere are two types of REDCards, a debit and a credit. The debitfullsizeoutput_7b card is linked to your checking account, is free, and requires no credit check! As a REDCard holder you enjoy 5% off your purchases, get early access to select promotions, FREE shipping on, and your return/exchange period is extended by thirty days.
  • Sales & Clearance:  Target regularly has a “Spend X, Get X Amount Off” sale for clothing. You can stack this sale with any cartwheel offers, mailer coupons, your REDCard discount, and clearance finds. Clearance varies by each store, so if you’re lucky to live by multiple stores, shop around! Also, don’t rely on the price that is listed on the tag. Target has a large inventory and sometimes fail to update, so scan your items and you might be surprised to find it lower!

If our kids aren’t busy growing, they have a holiday or event coming up that requires a particular outfit, right? I really enjoy secondhand stores, teach my kids to value hand me downs, and am blessed that family gifts them clothes on birthdays and Christmas. Regardless, it is nice to understand how there are opportunities to save on brand new clothing at these popular retailers. Do your kids have a favorite store? Check out their website, find out if they offer coupons or a frequent buyer program, and clothe them for less!