Classroom Snack Bags


My birthday is during the month of July, so growing up I was envious of my friends whose parents brought in cupcakes, balloons, and other things on their special day. As a result, “school birthdays” have become a thing in our house; if your birthday doesn’t fall on a day that school is in session, Mom assigns and celebrates the day closest to it. A bit ridiculous, but the kids enjoy it!

This week my unicorn obsessed daughter turned nine. With my printer and a few items around the house, I put together some goodie bags for her to give out to her classmates. Below is a step by step guide to how I construct classroom snack bags, including links to items I used and frugal alternatives!

IMG_2836Theme: Whatever your child is into at the moment, there is sure to be a themed printable for it. I splurged on this unicorn design from Etsy ($4.xx) only because she isn’t having a large birthday party this year.
FREE option: Tons of printables can be found on Pinterest, even for your unicorn lover! (click here) Another option would be to note the size of the prints (or bag you’re using) and have your child draw or attach stickers on that size paper for their friends.

Bags: Most themed party bags run $3-$4 and you have to buy multiple packs of them to have enough for a whole classroom. I’ve found that Ziplocs work just as well! Tip? If your child is into Disney princesses, Star Wars, or Marvel characters they usually sell bags with those printed on.
$ave: Check your local dollar store for snack size bags or print this coupon to save on Ziploc!

Treats: The smaller the bag, the less treats you need to fill it with! Below is a list of items I have used, all of which can be found at your local dollar store:

  • Trail Mix: using cereal, chocolate candies, and pretzels
  • Color: buy crayons and print out a coloring page from online
  • Friendship Bracelets: rubberbands or yarn & print out instructions
  • School Supplies: pencils and erasers
  • Photo props (for older kids): Print out photo booth props and write out a note to their friends, encouraging them to “tag” your child on social media with a birthday shout out.

$ave: For my daughter’s class I used Enjoy Life cookies, an allergy friendly snack. Click here to sign up for their email list and they’ll send you a coupon for $2 off one item.

Over the years I have learned that class treats don’t need to be a big charade in order for them to be special. I have done cupcakes, pizza, extravagant goodie bags, and even slurpee coupons.. but since scaled back significantly. Teachers can do without a sugar rushed classroom, schools are asking parents to be more allergy conscious, and if we’re being honest, most goodie bags get thrown away or forgotten in backpacks. While the printables were my biggest expense (I saved on the cookies by using coupons and shopping sales), as you can see, discount stores and a little internet research can save you a lot!