5 Step Pantry Makeover

When I decided to organize my pantry, I really had no idea how big of a difference it would make in our lives.. I just wanted it to be pretty! I was tired of half eaten boxes of cereal, forgotten items pushed to the rear, and my kids finding the junk food I bought to enjoy after they went to bed. So I set out to revamp our pantry and I’m so glad I did! Hopefully these five steps will help you with yours!



Step One: The Purge

  • Throw it out! This is a great time to check for expired or stale items.
  • Starting a healthier lifestyle? Decide now what stays and what goes!
  • Take note of what you have that you can use in your meal plan in the near future. The food that is staying needs to be put into rotation so as to avoid future clutter.

Step Two: Make a Plan

  • Look at your space and think about how your family would best utilize it. I dedicated my pantry as the “kid self serve zone.” They can freely choose their breakfast and snack items here, and are not allowed to open anything in cabinets that I store other food in.


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  • Does your pantry need to house other items besides food? I keep lunch bags within reach and my girls’ baking supplies tucked away nicely in here as well.


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Step Three: Shop!

  • Discount Stores: Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Only have great storage solutions, so check there first!
  • Hunt Clearance & Sales: Spring is when most stores promote cleaning and organization sales. While this may sound like a good time to shop, weeks into summer might be a better bet! Items will go on clearance in order to make way for BBQ grills and swimming pools.
  • Think Outside the Box: You’re probably going to spend a lot of time in the Kitchen & Home Decor section of stores, but don’t forget to check around office and laundry as well. Keep in mind that you are trying to organize a space; boxes, trays, and containers of any sort will do the trick.


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Step Four: Put it Together

  • Pair like items: It will make it easier for you to restock, kids to locate items, and when you are cooking
  • Make it Accessible: Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, place items you want them to eat first at their eye level and in containers that they can easily open.
  • Trial & Error: Trust me.. things moved around quite a bit until we found a system that worked for us!

Step Five: Decorate


My favorite part! I couldn’t decide what to do with my very top shelf so I just decorated it. I had the flower in another room (from HomeGoods), and the rest of the items were from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground when they came out with discount farmhouse decor. I also added labels to my cereal containers (not pictured) that you will often see if your follow me on Instagram and watch my stories.

 This little change has helped me reduce waste, prevents me from overspending since I can easily see what food we have, and my kids love being able to make their own food choices. I hope this step by step guide was helpful and inspires you to get organized!