Discount Easter Baskets

Growing up, I remember Easter as being a time I wore a pretty white dress and hunted for boiled eggs. While I understood the religious importance of the holiday, I never quite got where hunting eggs and bunnies fit into the mix. So when I got older and saw my mom friends gifting their children these extravagant baskets, I felt completely lost! It took me awhile to realize that these traditional gifts were very important in some families. I’ve learned a couple things by observing my friends’ baskets and put my own frugal twist on it. Here are some Easter items from discount stores worth considering!


Favorite Find: Pipe cleaner animals crafts! They weren’t found in the dedicated Easter section, but instead in the craft and stationary area. Look beyond the norm and think anything that gives Spring, furry animal, or pastel vibes.

Noteworthy: Two gift bags for $1.50 and  packs of candy in multiples.  I’m ok with gifting bags, not baskets, and am always looking for multi packs of trinkets that can be split between my kids.

Craft Corner: How cute are these plastic eggs and metallic stickers? I love that we don’t have to waste real eggs to still enjoy decorating and hunting.

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IMG_1848Dollar Tree

Favorite Find: Carrot cut out baskets. Sturdy, colorful, and collapse so they’ll be easy to store & reuse next year!

Noteworthy: Four pack of themed bubbles. Most other discount stores sold two packs for one dollar so this was the best deal. They also had one HUGE bottle of bubbles in the regular toy aisle if you’re looking to shower just one or two kids.

Craft Corner: Tons of character licensed games and crafts like these Marvel and Hatchimal puzzle bags. Coloring books, stickers, and note pads with characters any young child is sure to recognize and love.

Dollar Tree offers delivery and ship to store, click here to find out if it is available in your area!

99 Cents Only

Favorite Find: 18 count confetti filled eggs! Sure they’re going to make a mess, but as a kid these were so much fun! You’ll probably want to get nice family photos in BEFORE gifting these.

Noteworthy: Every color of peeps imaginable and socks to match! We can ignore the sugar coma that is most likely to be endured because of these adorable chicks right?

Craft Corner: Character licensed egg decorating kits. Can be used on plastic or boiled eggs .. or the confetti ones that are going to be smashed in due time.

Items vary by location, click here to find your local 99 Cents Only Store.

Easter baskets are fun and it’s easy to get carried away with them, but any parent will tell you that the candy gets picked out, the rest usually gets tossed to the side, and those big baskets are trashed (tip: reuse Halloween buckets if possible). My baskets usually follow a checklist; something they want, something they need, something they will eat, and something that’s a treat. Shoot me an email of your discount store finds and hit LIKE if this article was helpful!