St. Patrick’s Day Fun


I have no idea why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe I got pinched for not wearing green when I was younger and somewhere in my subconscious I vowed to forever take the holiday seriously. Regardless of the reason, every year I make sure that my children have something green for school, and somehow it snowballed into something bigger? Keep reading for some staple items and how it didn’t cost me a pot of gold!


  • Lucky Charms is probably the official cereal of St. Patricks Day. Serve it to your kids in a green bowl and with a green spoon.
  • Green Tea and matcha flavored products are great to sneak in their lunchboxes for a festive mid day treat. I usually take it out of the packaging since kids can be intimidated by words they don’t know on foods they haven’t tried before. Daiso has a bunch of these for only $1.50 each.
  • Need gold for your little leprechauns? Gold food spray works wonders! I have sprayed cookies, crackers, and waffles over the years. It doesn’t leave a weird taste and the kids get a kick out of it. Find it at your local craft store or Michael’s.. don’t forget to check if a coupon is available on their site or app before you go.

Discount Decor

There really is no need to spend a ton of money decorating for a holiday that is celebrated for one day (vs Christmas, a holiday that is celebrated an entire season). Discount stores like 99 Cents Only (above, left) and Daiso (above, right) carry most of what you need for the day for a dollar a piece! Looking for more ways to decorate? Stick with a simple color palette of green, gold, black, and white instead of looking for everything with a leprechaun or four leaf clover.

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Sure a green shirt works, but if you have multiple school aged kids and you’re trying to make your dollar stretch.. it adds up to dress for one day! I like to stick with accessories from discount stores; multi packs of hair bands or jewelry for my girls, fun hair color spray for my boys, and body tattoos for all! If your kids are opposed to dressing alike you can always find dollar socks, hats, tutus, and other items for them to express their individual styles.

Even though St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday this year, my kid’s schools are hosting festivities the Friday before (just when I thought I was off the hook). Oh well, looks like the tradition continues! Hope you all enjoy the day!