Why I’m Not #MomGoals

Imagine standing on stage in a room full of twenty five thousand people. In the audience are ten super fans hanging on your every word, some college students forced to be in attendance for classroom credits, and an overworked dad snoring in the back row as he waits to give his daughter and her friends a ride home the minute you’re done. Everyone is here FOR YOU because they are convinced that your performance is worth their hard earned money and valuable time. You’ve poured hours into writing your material, perfecting your craft, putting on the finishing touches.. and you finally put on the show. The next morning critics write their reviews, most of them positive, but one headline leaves you with mixed emotions..


That’s what it feels like to have such a large audience on Instagram, and honestly I have no idea why thousands of people follow me. I mean, I always thought I was a funny person, but in the way where only I laughed at my jokes and didn’t care if others followed suit. So to be told that I have contributed to someones ideals of successful mothering, while very flattering,  hurts my heart at the same time. Reading those words.. #MomGoals.. in my comments and messages makes me want to reach through the phone, hug the mom on the other side, and tell her “You’re doing an amazing job, you are a great example for your kids, and everything you want to accomplish for your family will come in due time!”

It is important for me to touch on this subject and set the tone for my blog. I never want to come off as if I know everything, I have it all together, or that my family is perfect. Like most moms, I’m convinced I don’t do enough and I panic that I am messing up their childhood. I was once the young mom without a clue, now I’m the slightly older mom of four.. still without a clue. I share what has worked for me up until now, but who knows if these tactics will prove successful when my kids are teenagers. Somewhere out there is a mom laughing at my ideas, remembering when she used to think like me, and setting the standard for my next stage of motherhood. I can only hope that she’s writing a blog helping moms like me!

I love the community of moms that has developed among my Instagram followers. Most of them understand that I don’t spend a lot of time online and they help each other out if anyone asks a question in the comments. I may never meet these “internet mommies” but I hope that they know that I am a better mom because of them. So going forward, I’ve redefined #MomGoals to describe us as a group rather than glorifying a single person. The goal for the moms interacting on this blog is that they help to create a place where women have  judgement free, encouraging, well intended, open dialogues. I pray that the same spirit that was created on Instagram transcends to this site. To my previous followers, to my new subscribers, and to future fans.. welcome ♥