60 Minute Clean

     Whoever invented weekends must not have been a mom. The ideas of freedom and relaxation that these two magical days are built upon.. ARE A LIE OF SANTA CLAUSE AND TOOTH FAIRY PROPORTIONS. There are still errands to do, kids to be taken care of, and a house that needs to be cleaned. Just like my kids, I don’t want to spend my weekend doing chores so because I am an early bird, and if we don’t have an event to attend, I like to wake up early Saturday morning to tackle the house. Whether you have a 9 to 5, juggle school, or have an infant, I hope that these tips to a sixty minute clean will leave you thinking how you can clean efficiently so that time saved can be spent with your family.

Tip #1 Set Yourself Up for Success


Get Dressed – I don’t know about you, but I work up a sweat! So throw your hair in a bun, yoga pants on, and sneakers laced. This counts as cardio right?

Drink Coffee – Need I say more?

Situate the Children – For sixty minutes you won’t be doing any long term damage if you put some cereal* in a bag & stick them in front of the television. Telling them that “the floor is lava” is also a nice touch.

*Use your best judgment when picking the cereal or snack given to your kids. Remember, the goal is to CLEAN, not create more of a mess.

Tip #2 Use, Don’t Abuse, Your Phone

IMG_E0322Set a Timer – Assign realistic goals for tackling each room in your home. My kitchen usually requires the most attention, so more time was assigned for that room. Your timer, depending on the size of your home, will be different than mine. It is important not to tackle big projects (like organizing your closet or deep cleaning the fridge), and that once a timer has gone off you wrap up whatever you’re doing and move on to the next room.

Set the Mood – You’re not dating your cleaning supplies, but just like a good soundtrack gets me through a gym work out, I like to play upbeat music while I clean too.

Eliminate Distractions – Timer set? Put your phone on silent and face down.. your family is home safely, everything else can wait for sixty minutes.

Tip #3 Small Tasks Make Big Changes

     Above is a sample of what I do to tidy up my home. Dusting, straightening, and putting things in their proper place goes a long way! Because I only have ten minutes assigned to most rooms, I eyeball what needs the most attention and do a quick clean. If a task requires more time than assigned, I make a mental note and save that chore for a day when I can dedicate time to it. Today.. is not that day.

Tip #4 Maintain

     If  I clean the house without the kids help, the least they can do is maintain it.. and trust me when I say that I threaten endless chores and no electronics to prove my point!

Older Kids – wash any dishes they use and replace any house items that run out; paper towels, toilet paper, restock the fridge if needed.

Younger Kids – put away their toys and dirty clothes.

     That’s a wrap! One hour of running around the house results in a guilt free, relaxing weekend with my family. I hope this works for you!